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Research Data Support

One of the most important parts of a research project is the management of research data and how the research is documented. Data management is about how research materials are handled, organized and structured during the research process.

The Research Data Support provides advice and support in the management of research data throughout the research process for all researchers at the University of Gothenburg.

A Definition of Research Data

In the Swedish Research Council's report “Open access to research data – a description of the environment 2014” research data is defined:

"this refers to digital information that has been collected to be analyzed for a scientific purpose […]. Examples of such research data are results from experiments and measurements, observations from fieldwork, statistics, questionnaire responses, interviews and images."

English Information

May contain errors. Always consult the Swedish information in case of doubt.

Open Science and the FAIR principles

Research data should be guided by the so-called FAIR principles. The term FAIR stands for data to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Most of the principles concern how data is described and what data formats to be used. Major initiatives such as the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) connect to FAIR. The Swedish Research Council has published these principles in a Swedish report ”Kriterier för FAIR forskningsdata” (see below).

Indirectly, this means that you also need to take the FAIR principles into account when handling your data and when you create your data management plan. The FAIR principles for research data play an important role in the goals of Open Science, but must be met both for openly available data and for data with limited access. You can read more about the university's work with open science via the links below. 

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Research ethics

These pages gather information on various aspects of research ethics. The purpose is to provide researchers with information that enables researchers to ensure the appropriateness of the research. The research ethics area is regulated by laws and regulations, and a system for ethical review. In addition good research practice, a set of norms for research, should be applied.

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Routines for processing personal data

Personal data is any kind of information that can be linked to a living person, for example name, social security number, photos and contact details. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, is a regulation within the EU that protects the rights of individuals to the protection of personal data. The Swedish Data Protection Act contains supplementary national regulations to the GDPR. On these pages you will find information, advice and support for the processing of personal data within the university's operations.

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Information security

The university is completely dependent on information, such as research data, which the university both consumes, produces and shares. In order for the information to be used for what it is intended for, it must be reliable and accessible, and must not be accessed by unauthorized persons. This is exactly what information security aims for. The work with information security must ensure:

  • right accessibility to information and services,
  • the accuracy of the information through protection against accidental and intentional falsification,
  • that the information will only be used by authorized parties.

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More pages for researchers

Swedish National Data Service (SND): Data management

Support regarding how research material is handled, organized and structured during the research process.

The Grants and Innovation Office

Support regarding financing, agreements and utilization of research.

Calculation support for grant applications

Calculate costs in connection with grant applications.

The university library's services for researchers

Support for, among other things, reference management and publication strategies.

Doctoral student at the University of Gothenburg

Common information for all the university's doctoral students.

Swedish Research Council (VR): Open access to research data

The Swedish Research Council coordinates Sweden's work to introduce open access to research data.

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