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PhD education during Covid-19

This information was updated 2021-09-30.

  • PhD thesis defence during the pandemic

    The Vice-Chancellor decided on September 20th on how the gradual return to campus-based activities will take place. This decision affects the way doctoral theses are defended and half-time seminars are conducted at Sahlgrenska Academy. The faculty's guidelines are described below and will be applied until further notice.

    • There is no limit to the number of participants at a disputation (=public defence of a thesis) or half-time seminars. The recommendation is to continue keeping distance to minimize the risk of spread of infection.
    • There is no longer any requirement to hold thesis defence (=disputation) remotely, which means that the faculty returns to normalcy when thesis defence is held on campus. However, it is still possible to do it. If the thesis defence is hold partly remotely, the doctoral student, the chairperson of the public defence and the chairperson of the examining committee must be physically present. The Dean decides on exemption from the requirement for physical presence for the doctoral student, chairperson of the defence and/or chairperson of the examining committee after an overall assessment of the circumstances in the individual case.
    • Half-time seminars can be held either remotely or physically on campus.
    • For disputations and half-time seminars that are conducted physically, the recommendation is to have a video link available to make it possible for more participants to attend.
    • If one person or more participate remotely, it is especially important that the technical equipment used ensures that all parts of the disputation and half-time seminar can maintain good quality.


  • Venues for disputation

    The PhD student is responsible for booking of an appropriate venue for the disputation. A venue can be booked according to the following:

    When the booking is confirmed, reserve an AV technician by calling 031-786 3070 or e-mail service.medicinareberget@gu.se.

    For questions or assistance regarding technical solutions at Medicinareberget please contact service.medicinareberget@gu.se.

    It is the PhD student's institute that books a Webinar if Zoom is used for remote disputations.

  • "Nailing" and approval ahead of nailing

    The restrictions regarding 'nailing' of doctoral theses are withdrawn. The 'nailing' will take place in the university's main builiding in Vasaparken from 16 August 2021 in accordance with ordinary routines.


    Half-time seminar


  • Remote half-time seminar

    As of September 29th, 2021 and until further notice, half-time seminars can be conducted either on campus or remotely.

    When advertising the seminar at the faculty's website please include the link to the seminar. It's the principal supervisor's responsibility to make sure that the chosen video conferencing equipment functions and the goal of the half-time seminar is achieved.

    Half-time seminars during the year 2021 can be held January 7 - June 30 and August 16 - December 22.

  • Consider this when conducting half-time seminar remotely

    When conducting a half-time seminar remotely, please consider the following:

    • It is important to follow the university’s security recommendations when using services for video conferences.
    • It is also important that all participants (the doctoral student, his/her supervisors and the evaluation committee) are properly introduced to each other so that it is clear who is who.
    • It is essential that all participants can see each other and the presentations as well as can hear what is being said. To test the service before the seminar is highly recommended. 
    • Make sure that the assessment committee can discuss privately if the doctoral student has achieved the learning outcomes. This can be done for example in “Break out rooms” if Zoom is used. 
    • The assessment committee comprises three researchers with PhD degree (without conflicts of interest towards the doctoral student and his/her supervisors), at least one of the members of the committee must have the academic title “reader”/”associate professor” (“docent” in Swedish). Therefore, please consider having a replacement (a senior lecturer (docent) without conflict of interest) who can substitute a member of the evaluation committee in case of illness/cancellation. 
    • The forms ”Completed half-time seminar” and “Recommendation to the examiner” are to be signed by one of the committee members and sent in the original to the addresses indicatedon the forms.

    Contact your institute for more information on the half-time seminar and how it can be performed remotely. 


    During the studies

  • Extension of study time

    The university has decided upon Guidelines for decisions on extension of doctoral appointment. There is an application form in the Administrative handbook for PhD education. 

    For PhD positions partially funded by joint-faculty funds the following is applied:
    The faculty board of Sahlgrenska Academy decided on January 27th 2021 that doctoral positions partially funded by joint faculty funds such as project-linked positions and positions within basic medicine, if extended past the period of faculty funding, the financial responsibility shall pass entirely to the responsible institute.

  • Courses

    Return to campus teaching will be gradual. It means that PhD courses during the fall term 2021 are still expected to be offered online. The courses may be given online even when the situation allows campus-based teaching. It is the course coordinator's responsibility to adapt teaching and examination to the circumstances.

    For questions regarding participation in the courses, please contact the course coordinator. If you have to cancel your participation in the course that you are admitted to, please notify the course coordinator as soon as possible. Contact information can be found in the course finder.

  • Administative handbook for PhD studies

    The Vice-Chancellor's decisions regarding the University can be found on the COVID-19 pages in the Administrative Handbook for Doctoral Education

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