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Construction projects

Strategic construction projects aimed at shaping a sustainable, attractive and vibrant campus environment for education, work and research are under way at Medicinareberget, in close proximity to our most important partners.

Here we gather all information about planned and ongoing projects on Medicinareberget. Select links below for more detailed project descriptions.

News about the projects and updated construction information on Akademiliv

Link to news

Presentation (PDF) on construction projects on Medicinareberget

Link to presentation

Questions about the construction projects? Submit your question here.

Images and Maps


Sahlgrenska Life

Natrium byggplats 220110

Sahlgrenska Life - for future research, education, health care and innovation

Sahlgrenska Life is aimed for improving the conditions for research, education, health care and innovation related to life science. Sahlgrenska Life creates a major meeting point and workplace for life science reserach in the nordic countries.

Sahlgrenska Life is a cooperation together with Västra Götaland region and property owners.

Sahlgrenska Life consists of three new builidngs, one on each side of Per Dubbsgatan and one connecting the two.

Until end of September 2021, a program review is carried out together with concerned institutes.

In January 2022, the detailed plan for the Medicinareberget area, a prerequisite for the realisation of the Sahlgrenska Life project became legally binding.

The University of Gothenburg's life science strategy (Swedish) - a Sahlgrenska Academy steering document 
Article: The detail plan is now legally binding
Article: City Council has adopted the detailed plan
Read about the program review
Article: Sahlgrenska Life extends the program review for buildings 2 and 3 – end time is not affected
Article: Sahlgrenska Academy in program overview for Sahlgrenska Life, Buildings 2 and 3
Article: (Swedish) Continuing work and new decisions regarding the Sahlgrenska Life project
Article: University Board decided to endorse the Sahlgrenska Life investment.
Article: Investigation life science at the University of Gothenburg is finalised.
Article: University of Gothenburg clarifies its life science strategy.
Article: The program phase of Sahlgrenska Life is completed, conclusions will be analysed.

Sahlgrenska Life från öster

About life science

* Life Science: multi-disciplinary research, study of biological life, living organisms, as well as internal and external conditions for continued life. The study subject includes biology, pharmacy, medicine and physiology, dietetics, ecology, and zoology. Life Science primarily about human health is commonly called biomedicine. Source: Wikipedia

Natrium - new premises for science

The investment in new premises for science is in line with the University of Gothenburg's ambition to bring together all life science activities. In the new building, space is created for learning, attractive research environments and workplaces with improved conditions for collaboration on the major challenges for people and the environment of the future.

The Science faculty office and the departments of conservation, earth sciences, marine science, chemistry and molecular biology, biology and environmental sciences will be co-located in the new building. The main entrance will be reached via Medicinarelängan.

Facts and figures

  • Occupancy in 2023
  • By Kanozi Arkitekter
  • Cellar and seven floors
  • Room for appr. 500-600 co-workers
  • Landlord: Akademiska Hus


Construction information on Natrium for the Sahlgrenska Academy (updated 220111)

On the Faculty of Science website for staff, mote news articles are available

Natrium - exterior

Campus development

The Real Estate and Service unit at the University of Gothenburg runs two projects to improve the campus and student environment at the Medicinareberget campus, which also includes Geovetarcentrum and the Botan building:

1. Student & learning environment - starting with an overview of the lunch rooms, group rooms and other shared areas in Medicinarelängan.

2. Campus environment exterior at Medicinareberget - lighting, signage and walkways. Student and staff representatives are participating in the development work. Agreed actions will be carried out in the autumn of 2019.

3. Medicinarelängan lower floor, where Natrium will connect. 

Sittnischer bakom Café Anatomen


A thorough analysis and two pre-studies regarding the EBM premises has been carried out. The faculty board thereafter decided on:

  • A careful renovation of the EBM premises
  • Investigate the possibilities for cooperation and shared facilities together with AstraZeneca.

Extensions or major renovations are not in scope.

A referene group of EBM facility users at Sahlgrenska Academy will be involved. A decision on future premises and financing is expected in the spring, 2022.


Nuvarande EBM

Sahlgrenska Academy at SU Östra

The development of the premises for the Sahlgrenska Academy's operations at Östra are aimed at improvements of several kinds. The change will result in a clearer appearance of the University of Gothenburg visual identity when visiting the site. Furthermore, the teaching environments should enable modern teaching methods. Studying at Östra is to be perceived as inspiring and attractive. Students should have a common meeting place with opportunities for individual work as well as in groups. It will also be easier to participate digitally in teaching and meetings.

The research environments needs to be flexible and adaptable to future changes. The collaboration between academy and hospital further strengthens the clinical research.

The plans for Östra consist of many sub-projects. They will be implemented in steps and will therefore take a long time to complete. The new Queen Silvia's Children's and Adolescents' Hospital was inaugurated in 2021 and construction for childbirth and neonatal care.
is planned to start in 2023

Drottning Silvias barn och ungdomsklinik bild: Sahlgenska Universitetssjukhuset

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