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Guidelines for application to teaching position

The following instructions are for you who are applying for a teaching position at Sahlgrenska Academy. The instructions follow the University of Gothenburg's applicant portal, ReachMee's design. In the case of a position combined with a clinical employment, clinical qualifications (items 8 and 9) must also be attached.

Vacancies at the University of Gothenburg (gu.se)

Copies of credentials confirming eligibility and formal pedagogical merits should be attached as appendices (see paragraph 19).

Paragraph 1. Welcome (nothing should be attached under this item).

Paragraph 2. Personal letter

Motivate your application and make a summary of your competence in the personal letter.

Paragraph 3. CV teacher

Attach 1. CV including 2. complete list of publications and 3. research funding.

Your CV should contain information about:

  • employment: enter employment history with appointments in chronological order, for post-doc stay: specify time period, university/institution, department and supervisor’s name
  • education: enter year, subject/degree title and institution in chronological order for received degrees and completed trainings including clinical training and clinical specialist expertise, for PhD: enter year, discipline/subject area, dissertation title, institution and name of main- and co-supervisor
  • language;
  • provide the names of at least two referees

The complete publication list and the statement over external research funding should contain:

  • list of all original work*, list of review articles*, list of scientific work* and research monographs
  • external research funding over the past ten years obtained in international/national competition as principal/co-applicant (state which)
  • other significant research funding obtained (donation, grants in local competition, e.g. ALF (funding for medical training and research), projects, etc.) as principal/co-applicant (state which)

* mark your own name in bold


Paragraph 5. Scientific academic portfolio

The applicant's presentation of scientific skills:

Scientific collaboration

  • national and international collaborative project together with industrial collaborations

Supervision of third-cycle students/third-cycle courses and study programmes

  • supervision as principal supervisor of third-cycle students until public defence of doctoral thesis
  • supervision as assistant supervisor of third-cycle students until public defence of doctoral thesis
  • ongoing supervision of third-cycle students
  • equivalent for degree of licentiate
  • equivalent for postdoctoral students, other postdoctoral researchers
  • direction of third-cycle courses and study programmes and development work

Please attach documentation of supervision of PhD students, post doc students under paragraph 19.

Review of dissertation works

  • opponent (faculty examiner) at the public defence of doctoral theses
  • chair/member of examining committee
  • external reviewer of dissertation works

Assessment of the work of others

  • expert assessor for appointments to academic positions
  • expert assessor for international evaluations
  • reviewer of research applications in international/national/local competition
  • editor of scientific journals
  • member of editorial board
  • reviewer of scientific journals
  • expert assessor or adviser for other scientific bodies
  • other relevant assessment assignments

Other scientific awards and merits

  • active participation in our organiser of international scientific congresses
  • international research visits

Paragraph 6. List of selected scientific publications

Attach a list of maximum 10 selected scientific publications that you want to refer to. These publications should also be uploaded in full text under paragraph 17.

Paragraph 7. Research programme

This should be written in English and include:

  • previous research activities
  • current research
  • future plans
  • structure of research group and the research environment for the research group

This summary may involve no more than eight pages for the post of professor and senior lecturer, and four pages for the post of associate senior lecturer, postdoctoral research fellow and lecturer.


Disregard paragraph 8 and 9 if the employment does not require cinical qualifications.

Paragraph 9. Clinical academic portfolio

Applicable for a position as senior lecturer or professor, combined with a clinical employment in health- or dental care.

The applicant's presentation of clinical qualifications:

  • formal education and training
  • clinical appointments and assignments
  • quality and development work
  • clinical excellence/profile area
  • clinical awards/prizes


Paragraph 11. Pedagogic academic portfolio

The applicant's presentation of pedagogic skills:

Formal education in teaching and learning

  • courses completed (name of course, organiser or course leader, dates and scope)
  • participation in teacher exchanges with a foreign higher education institution
  • attendance at educational conferences (name of conference, date and venue)
  • qualifications required for appointment as a docent (reader) (date and subject area)
  • pedagogic awards

Administration of teaching

  • course coordinator (state course and higher education institution)
  • administrative work within education, for example assignment as director of studies, course teaching assistant, student counsellor (specify duties, dates and scope)
  • board, committee or other advisory work (duties, function and scope)
  • course evaluations and course development

Production of teaching materials

  • textbooks or compendia
  • video or interactive computer programs
  • use of teaching materials when teaching
  • comments made by others regarding teaching materials
  • research information
  • popular scientific production and activities

Please specify the form, level and relevance to teaching as well as the degree of autonomy in relation to the material produced.

Development work and pedagogic research

  • pedagogic development work, for example, experiences within internationalisation, interprofessional learning, sustainable development and human rights
  • pedagogic research linked to teaching together with pedagogic project funding received

State the course and level when referring to the development of any new courses or the renewal of first-cycle courses and study programmes. In addition, you should document and justify the scope of any renewal work.

Teaching experience

  • first-cycle courses and study programmes
  • third-cycle courses and study programmes
  • continuing professional development
  • specialist training
  • supervision up to and including second-cycle level

State time period, scope, form and approach, please provide tangible examples.

Description of and reflection on your own pedagogic activities

  • document here, for example, tangible examples of how your pedagogic approach presents itself in your pedagogic activities together with your visions for the future and reflections


Paragraph 13. Leadership, development and third stream activities academic portfolio

Management/leadership, elected posts

  • document prior learning/formal competence and experience
  • provide details of commitments on boards, committees and work groups

Administrative competence and experience

  • document prior learning/formal competence and experience within finance and administration

Interaction with the community

  • provide details of activities undertaken for the purpose of interaction with the community. State target group, principal, scope, date and degree of autonomy. Also document here responsibility for and presentation of information material
  • document popular scientific output
  • provide details of activities in relation to the mass media and social media related to your research and vocational activity
  • document patent applications
  • document competence and experience within innovation and entrepreneurship

Paragraph 14. Do you have a PhD degree or equivalent?

Paragraph 15. If you have a PhD degree or equivalent, enter from which institution, country and year of graduation.


Paragraph 17. Scientific publications

Attach a maximum of 10 selected scientific publications in full text.

Paragraph 18. Educational publications, teaching materials and/or educational documentation

Paragraph 19. Diplomas and certificates

  • copy of PhD degree certificate
  • copies of certificates confirming eligibility and formal pedagogical merits
  • documentation concerning a programme in student supervision
  • documentation of supervision of PhD students, post doc students (applicable when applying for a position as professor)
  • certificates of service together with other kinds of written evaluation opinions
  • other certificates / degrees / diplomas

Please give the documents such names that the content is clear.


Mikaela Wickström

  • Clinical Sciences
  • Health and Care Sciences
  • Odontology

Katrin Falk

  • Medicine
  • Neuroscience and Physiology

Birgitta Apelqvist

  • Biomedicine
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