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Council for Examining deviations from Good Research Practice

On January 1st 2020, a law on responsibility responsibility for good research practice and the examination of research misconduct (Act 2019: 504) entered into force. At the same time The National Board for Assessment of Research Misconduct (Npof), was established to investigate suspicions of research misconduct.

On suspicion of research misconduct the university must submit the case to Npof for review. The university shall examine other suspected deviations from good research practice. At the University of Gothenburg, the Council for Examining deviations from Good Research Practice provides support to the vice-chancellor in these matters.

It is the Vice-Chancellor who makes decisions on serious deviations from good research practice and on submitting matters to Npof or the Council.


Research misconduct is defined in the law as a serious breach of good scientific practice in the form of fabrication, falsification or plagiarism that is committed intentionally or with gross negligence in the planning, performance or reporting of research.

Other serious deviations from good research practice are any such deviations that do not fall within the statutory definition. Assessment of whether such deviations are to be regarded as serious should, in the first instance, be based on the principles in The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (published by ALLEA). Particular regard should be to whether deviation of practice involve: damages, or risks damaging, the research process or the integrity of the researchers; and, was committed intentionally or through gross negligence.

The Council’s responsibilities

The Council only handles cases commissioned the vice-chancellor. The main responsibilities of the Council are:

  • Conduct an initial assessment of suspected research misconduct or other deviations from good research practice and provide a recommendation to the vice-chancellor
  • Investigate suspicions of other serious deviations from good research practice and present an investigation report  to the vice-chancellor.

The Council’s composition

Council members representing the university’s academic operations:

  • Malin Celander, Faculty of Science (chair)
  • Marie Demker, Faculty of Social Sciences (vice chair)
  • Per-Anders Jansson, Sahlgrenska Academy
  • Yvonne Leffler, Faculty of Humanities

Other council members:

  • Sara Dahlberg, head of the Section of Administrative Law
  • Emilia Rung, head of section, Vice-Chancellor's Office

Student representative (right to attend and express opinions in cases involving doctoral students):

  • Annelie Mickelsson

Officer assisting the council:

  • Jan Lif, coordinator, Vice-Chancellor’s Office


The Council meets when necessary, but at least twice a year.

More information


Contact Information

Jan Lif

Universitetsledningens stab, Box 100, 405 30 Göteborg,

Visiting Address:

031-786 58 48


Suspicion of deviations from good research practice at the University of Gothenburg is reported to rektor@gu.se

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