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Email and calendar

As an employee at the University of Gothenburg, you will automatically receive a GU email address in connection with receiving an x-account.

The GU email address is based on the standard firstname.lastname@gu.se. If there are several at the university with the same name, a serial number is added and the address can then look like this: annika.andersson.2@gu.se.

For recommendation on email signature in your emails, please see the visual identity manual: Email signature

External staff members

If you are an external employee at the university, you can also get a GU email address (@gu.se). First, however, you must have an x-account.

External employees who need an x-account are registered in the the person and organization platform POP by a POP administrator. The account can be created with or without an email address. The faculty/department decides which external staff members that also need an email address.

There are a number of services and tools that require a GU email address linked to the x-account in order to be used. At present, the following tools/services apply:

  • The Productivity platform in Microsoft 365 (including Sharepoint and Teams)
  • Primula
  • ReachMee
  • Centrally managed Mac computers (GDA)

2021-12-17: X-accounts with external e-mail address do not get emails from email lists

Users who have an x-account with an external e-mail address do not receive emails from email lists that they are part of at the moment. 

To solve this problem, affected users need to get a GU email address. The old external email address also needs to be removed from the email list and the newly created GU address needs to be added.

Login to the email

The university uses Microsoft's cloud service Exchange Online to handle the email. The first time you log in to Exhange Online you enter your email address in the first step (not your x-account). In the next step, you may need to enter your x-account and password.

It is your primary email address that you should enter. If you need to check which is your primary email address, there is a short manual in the pdf below:

Check primary email address, manual

Web mail

Login to the university's webmail is done via the following page:
The page is also accessed via the menu under your name when you are logged in to the Staff Portal.

The following page contains instructions for webmail and calendar.

Capacity, routines

Emails to and from GU addresses can be up to 36 MB. If the message is larger than 36 MB, sending or receiving problems may occur.

Messages that have been in your Deleted Items folder for 30 days is automatically deleted. After that, deleted messages can be restored for 60 days, after which they are completely deleted. Messages in the spam folder are deleted after 90 days.

It is important to remember that the university's e-mail service must not be used for handling classified information or special categories of personal data. For more information on routines for handling emails, see "important links". 

Recommended email programs

Office 365 for both Windows and Mac. 

If you choose another email program, you may not get full functionality.

Email in mobile devices

See "Email in the mobile" page in the menu.

Problems with email and calendar

In the fall of 2020, a server crash caused extensive problems with the university's email. For questions related to the email problems, contact Service Desk.

Technical support

Contact Service Desk:

Contact form
Phone: 031-786 2020
Open: weekdays 08.00-16.30
(May-August: 08.00-16.00)

Remote Control

N.B. Approve remote control of your computer only when IT-support asks you.

Important links

Routines for handling email

Information on how e-mail should be handled at the University of Gothenburg.

Information and IT security

Routines and policies in the event of, for example, an IT breach, threats/harassment and phishing mails.

Operational information

Current information about operational disruptions and ongoing work with various systems and tools.

Internal priority emails

Information and routines for priority emails to faculty offices, departments, national units and the central university administration.

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