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Combine elite sports and studies at third-cycle level

Through the Swedish National Sports University (Riksidrottsuniversitetet, RIU), students can combine elite sports with studies at the University of Gothenburg. Did you know that it is also possible for elite athletes at the University to become RIU students at the third-cycle level? Your studies will be adjusted to fit you as an elite athlete.

The Swedish National Sports University (RIU) is a collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish National Sports Confederation.

Checklist for doctoral students

Below you will find information about what is required to become an RIU student at the third-cycle level.

  • 1. You are a doctoral student

    You are already or will be admitted for doctoral studies at the University of Gothenburg and pursue your studies at least 50 per cent of full-time. Applications for programmes are made in the usual way.

    Applications and admission for doctoral studies (gu.se)

  • 2. Apply for certificate from specialised sports federation

    Apply for a certificate from your specialised sports federation by filling in the required form and sending it to the RIU coordinator at the federation. The federation needs to certify that you qualify as a national team athlete (potential or current, junior to senior level) or play in the highest league in team ball sports.

    The form (in Swedish) can be found on gu.se.

    Information for you who want to become a RIU student on gu.se

  • 3. Contact the RIU coordinator

    Contact the RIU coordinator at the University of Gothenburg and submit your approved admission notification and certificate from the specialised sports federation. The University’s RIU coordinator will arrange a meeting with you, and you will both sign a contract regulating your commitments as a doctoral student as well as the University’s commitments.

    Contact information for Thomas Jonsson, RIU coordinator (gu.se)

  • 4. Notify relevant offices

    You are responsible for notifying the director of doctoral studies at the relevant department and your main supervisor that you are studying within the framework of RIU. The director of doctoral studies or doctoral student examiner as well as the supervisor at the relevant department will discuss appropriate adaptations with you, based on your special circumstances and how the doctoral programme can offer flexible options for your studies.

    It is recommended that planning for studies and elite-level sports be clarified in your individual study plan (ISP) for doctoral studies.

    Individual study plan for doctoral students

Benefits for RIU students

As an RIU student, you have access to various benefits such as free gym passes, network meetings, physiological and biomechanical tests and sports medicine support. These benefits have been developed in collaboration with the sports organisations.

Information for you who want to become a RIU student

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