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Fitness reimbursement - new activities

News: Jan 16, 2018

Golf and horseback riding have not been included in the healthcare contribution because the sports have not been classified as a simpler form of exercise, as it required more expensive equipment.

A press release from the Swedish Tax Agency announces that from now on these sports will be covered. After a judgment in the Supreme Administrative Court, it is now clear that even more expensive sports such as golf and horseback riding should be covered by the healthcare contribution.

From the press release:

"An employer can offer his employees tax-free benefits in the form of exercise and wellness activities provided that the activity is offered to all staff. Previously, golf and horseback riding have not been included in the healthcare contribution because it has not been classified as a simpler form of exercise as it required more expensive equipment.

- As long as a benefit in the form of a healthcare contribution is of a smaller value, SEK 5,000, it should be regarded as a tax-free employee benefit. This means, for example, that anyone who plays golf or taking lessons at a riding school can use a healthcare allowance for that, "says Pia Blank Thörnroos, a lawyer at the Swedish Tax Agency."

Keep-fit Policy of the University of Gothenburg

With its keep-fit policy, the University of Gothenburg wants to encourage health awareness among its employees and provide the possibility of actively participating in health-promoting activities.
The University hopes that this will lead to greater well-being at work, create a pleasant workplace with positive social interaction and more healthy attendance, and prevent and reduce occupational injuries.

Fitness hour

The University of Gothenburg’s staff is granted one fitness hour a week for exercise and/or other keep-fit efforts without a salary deduction.

The fitness hour may be used during working hours. It may be used at any time during the day on condition that the operations allow it - missing a meeting to use the fitness hour is not permitted, for instance.

Fitness reimbursement

A tax-free, fitness reimbursement can be paid out for certain kinds of exercise-oriented fitness activities up to a cost of SEK 2,000 per calendar year.

The fitness reimbursement only applies in Sweden unless you are stationed abroad for an extended period of time.

Examples of tax-free exercise include callisthenics, strength training, spinning, swimming, bowling, racket sports like table tennis, tennis, badminton or squash, and team sports like volleyball, football, handball and bandy. This also includes other similar activities like basic forms of exercise dance, as well as other types of exercise and other keep-fit activities like tai chi, qigong and so-called office massage.

The University of Gothenburg follows the rules of the Swedish Tax Agency when it comes to keep fit activities. Their list is in Swedish only. See the full list at the Swedish Tax Agency. (the list was not yet updated on 16th January 2018).

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