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Information to staff regarding the autumn semester 2020

Updated June 5 with new policy decision about the autumn semester 2020

The previous policy decision from the Vice-Chancellor about the autumn semester was revised on June 4th due to an announcement from the Swedish government lifting the recommendation on remote teaching. Although the government has withdrawn the recommendation on remote studies, the return to campus this autumn will be limited. This is because other recommendations, in order to help reduce the spread of the covid-19 infection, still apply.

The University's staff, where possible, should continue with temporary remote work and teaching will require a combination of on-campus and digital teaching.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the development of the pandemic and restrictions that may remain in effect, the University of Gothenburg required a policy for the autumn semester so that students and staff may plan their studies, their research and their work.

Teaching - both digital and on campus this autumn

For the autumn term 2020, an adapted but limited return to ordinary teaching methods is possible, based on the needs and practical conditions at each faculty and education programme. This applies to education at all levels. Any return to and physical presence in the University's premises must follow recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

When planning an adapted return to campus, risk assessments must be made and documented. The aim is to minimize the risk of spreading infection and to ensure that appropriate measures will be taken and communicated to students and staff, especially risk groups.
As a public authority, the University of Gothenburg has a responsibility to contribute to reducing the spread of infection. This means restricting the number of people who can be in a room, or in common areas at the same time. In order to fulfill this responsibility, the university needs to prepare for mixed teaching methods during the autumn term, including digital elements.

Prioritised activities and operations for an adapted return to teaching on campus

Activities and operations, and students that will be prioritised for on-campus education are:

  • introductory course components for students starting their education
  • students who are completing their final year of study
  • international students who reside in Sweden
  • examinations that are not possible to carry out remotely
  • teaching components with aesthetic
  • practical and laboratory elements
  • field studies and VFU placements

All activities that involve/require physical presence must be coordinated within faculties and between faculties, departments and in some cases with the University Library, Central University Administration and Chalmers.

Meetings and travel (including studies abroad)

For national and international travel, the guidelines and recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs apply.

Alternatives to larger physical meetings such as conferences and congresses should be looked into, at least until 31 October.

As a general rule the University does not grant studies and placement abroad during the autumn semester of 2020.

International programmes and courses for incoming exchange students

International programmes and courses for international students, as well as courses for incoming exchange students, are planned to be given on campus during the autumn, featuring some digital components. For those international students who are unable to travel to Sweden due to travel restrictions in their home countries, remote studies will be provided.

Staff will start the autumn with temporary remote work

In order to contribute to a reduced spread of the COVID-19 infections, staff at the University shall, where practicable possible, continue to work remotely in accordance with the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Coordination is required for premises where several units staff reside at the same time. Staff who are needed onsite for the adapted return to campus-based education should be given priority to work on the University's premises

A new policy

Because conditions and restrictions may change quickly, new recommendations may be introduced. A renewed policy will come on 1 September at the latest.

After that, the next position, on the spring term of 2021, is planned on 1 November at the latest. 

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