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University-wide covid-19 information

On this page, we have gathered information about covid-19 for staff at the University of Gothenburg. The university continuously monitors the situation and follows the authorities' recommendations. Updated September 30.

Vaccination against covid-19

Everyone aged 16 or older, or who will turn 16 this year, is being offered vaccination. Staff should be given the opportunity to leave work without salary deductions to be vaccinated against covid-19. The leave must be agreed with your manager so that University operations is not negatively affected, for example forced to close.

Vaccination information

Gradual return to campus autumn 2021

During the autumn, an adapted gradual return to workplaces and campus will take place, in accordance with respective department’s circumstances and planning. The ambition is for the University of Gothenburg to have a campus-based activity again by October at the latest.

In order to clarify how employees' return to the workplace is to take place, the Vice-Chancellor has decided on a revised instruction on the application of the policy decision for the autumn. The return to physical presence at the workplace should take place as follows:

  • 29 September–31 October, a return to physical presence at the workplace begins. During the period, continued homework is permitted if it is in line with the organization’s needs. Manager decides.
  • 1 November–31 December, there will be a further increase of physical presence at the workplace. The manager decides in accordance with the organization’s needs.
  • From 1 January 2022, the return to regular attendance at the workplace will be fully implemented.

Vice-Chancellor decisions autumn 2021

Last published news about covid-19

Opening hours for the university's premises

Access to the university's premises is more limited than usual. It is up to each faculty to decide what applies.

Premises, admittance and opening hours

In case of infection at the university

To reduce the risk of the spread of infection, it is important that the university finds out if an employee or student who is suspected of having become ill or has tested positive for covid-19, has met employees or students on or off the university premises during a period when the employee may have been infected.

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Questions and answers

Read frequently asked questions and answers about COVID-19

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